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  • Bonnet MiniJet (B1MJ061E) Combination Oven (£4.00 per day Lease Purchase)

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    Bonnet MiniJet (B1MJ061E) Combination Oven (£4.00 per day Lease Purchase)

    Buy this oven today on a Hobart 0% Interest Deal over 12 months. Equal payments of £283.83 x 12. ZERO Interest

    Or Lease Purchase over longer terms at approximately £112.00 per month, equivalent to £4.00 per day!!!!!


    * VisioPAD® toughened glass control panel comprising a large colour LCD touch screen and coding knob. 

    * CoreControl : Automatic power adjustment to match the actual product load being cooked in the so cooking is always spot on. 

    * Continuously available thanks to immediate adjustment to the required temperature. 

    * Aircontrol : Auto reverse ventilation, adjustable from 1 to 100%. 

    * Airdry+ : Rapid product drying for a crisp outside. 

    * Power down : Automatically switches to energy saving mode after a period of inactivity (adjustable). 

    * The oven can be preheated out of hours. 

    * Cooking cavity fitted with space optimised runners. Possible capacities : 4 level GN1/1 spaced at 67mm : accepts 65mm containers 6 level GN1/1 spaced at 45mm 12 level GN 1/1 spaced at 22mm : thin product (chips, …) 

    * FullCleaning System : Automatic cleaning with integral cleaning chemical pump. 3 possible levels of cleaning. Cleanning level Time (min) Water usage (Litres) Product usage (Litres) 1 17 30 0.18 2 23 31 0.3 3 33 38 0.39 

    * 6 cooking modes : - Convection from 0 to 250°C - Saturated steam: steam to 98°C - Combined from 30 to 250°C (with humidity adjustable from 0 to 99%) - Low temperature: steam from 30 to 97°C - High temperature steam: steam from 99 to 105 °C - Regeneration 

    * Automatic cooking menu: - Immediate access to cooking programmes - Preloaded recipes as standard with the option to adjust the degree of cooking and the colouration - It is possible to create entirely personalised recipes 

    * Menu Service - Exchanges and backup of recipes via the USB port - Parameters can be modified to give maximum personalisation 

    * Functions - Automatic oven cavity cooling, door closed : improved reactivity - Humidifier : provides instant steam (shot of vapour): ideal for bread - Hold function : temperature holding phase after cooking (semi static oven). Avoids the surface of the product drying out. - Automatic rinse possible between cooking operations, replaces the spray hose. 

    * Equipments - Cool touch athermic double glazed clipped door hinged to the left push closure. Opens to 180° - Cavity illumination by a strip of LEDs in the door. 

    * Standard supply - Runners with 12 levels spaced 22mm apart. 


    * USB port 

    * Core probe socket 

    * Removable core probe: Delicate product probe 1.5mm diameter 100mm long Rotisserie core probe 3mm diameter 100mm long * Independant spray hose kit. 

    * Grid kit (3 grids) * 600mm high legs (see data sheet for stands) 

    * Handed oven door (hinge on right). 

    * Single phase 230V 

    * Wall support (with cleaning chemical container support) 

    * Hood (see specific technical data sheet)

    NOW with 2 Years Warranty and 0% Interest Deal